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Little Trailer by the Road

After serving as missionaries in Africa, the Montgomery family plans an unusual getaway: they decide to tow a small, homely recreational vehicle throughout the Southwest United States. David, Katherine and their three daughters are a close family, but can the five of them survive weeks in such close quarters?

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The Limbe House

The Montgomery family, David, Katherine, and their three daughters, Brittany, Alicia, and Megan, ages six, four, and two, arrive in Malawi as first-term missionaries with the keen anticipation of learning the language and beginning a fruitful ministry—a long-awaited African dream. Instead, the unexplained absence of a work permit changes their lives dramatically. Just when they have found a wonderful home in the Limbe House, they are forced to leave two days before Christmas, with no expectation of returning. Traveling a thousand miles by car to Kenya, they settle temporarily in “The Cave,” where homeschooling and learning a new language fill their time.

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The Mzuzu House

David Montgomery is a missionary who has just made the difficult decision to uproot his family once again and move into an uncertain situation in the remote northern region of Malawi, East Africa. As he gathers his family and heads to Mzuzu, David realizes his challenges are just beginning.

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The Christmas Book

31 Family Devotions for December

Christmas! The best time of the year for family devotions. Author Gene Meacham invites us to establish a family tradition as we sit down together in the living room to share the amazing, miraculous events of our Savior’s birth. With selections from both Old Testament prophets and New Testament writers, family members of all ages are drawn into the drama of the Nativity and are invited to engage in lively discussion of historic events and…..